Where to go for your safari in Tanzania?

All our Tanzania safari options are entirely tailor made to suit your interests, budget and time, the included sample itineraries are just to show you what we can offer. We are able to meet all your travel needs from daytrips to longer wildlife safaris, just let us know what you need and together we will create a memorable itinerary for you.

Each safari option will depend on your interests to visit Tanzania, be it wildlife safaris, beach vacations, walking safaris, meet the people, educational tours and many other interests you may have. Another aspects is the time you have available for the trip you choose. We can offer short trips to longer trips just depends on the number of days you have to do your safari in Tanzania. Lastly but very important of your trip apart from interests and time will also depend on the budget you have to pay for the selected safari in Tanzania. At Watu Safaris we consider all these options and give you the opportunity to create and have a memorable Tanzania safari option.

From South to the West and from the North to the East, Tanzania have you covered for any safari options and interests you need. With more than 20 National Parks, Game reserves, Marine reserves, game controlled areas, Ngorongoro conservation area, Forest reserves, lots of mountain ranges you can have as many as possible vacation options you are thinking of in Tanzania. The following links will ope to the respective national parks websites for you to have a look and learn more about these places where you can make your dream safari come true. If you have any question or want to know safari options available for your chosen National Park/s just send us your message using the form below.

Southern Zone

In this zone you have parks like

Western Zone

Northern Zone

Eastern Zone

Other Places of Interest – Visiting Tanzania

Zanzibar Island for all day sand beaches, diving, spice farms tours and many more vacation options

Ngorongoro Conservation Area for its famous Ngorongoro crater, archeological sites and more

You can lrean more about Tanzania and its fantastic attractions by checking out Tanzania Tourist Board website.

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