Machame Route 6 Days Climb – Mt. Kilimanjaro trekking

Machame Route for 6 days Itinerary, this route is also known as the “Whiskey” route, is the most popular route on climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro. Machame’s draw is in its scenic beauty. However, the trail is considered difficult, steep and challenging compare to other Kilimanjaro Climbing Routes, particularly due to its shorter itinerary. Therefore this route is better suited for more adventurous climbers or those with some high altitude, hiking or backpacking experience.

Day 1 – Machame gate – Machame Camp

  • Distance: 11km/7miles,
  • Hiking Time: 5-7hours,
  • Eleven: 5,380ft to 9,350ft or,
  • Habitat: Rain Forest.

The drive starts from Moshi to Machame gate by passing through the Machame village which is located on the slope of mountain Kilimanjaro. After gate REGISTRATION and permits we start the hiking to the sense rain forest until we reach to Machame camp

Day 2 – Machame Camp – Shira Cave Camp

  • Distance: 5km/3miles.
  • Hiking Time: 5-6hours.
  • Eleven: 9,350ft to 12,500ft.
  • Habitat: Heath.

This is a shortest day but steeper one. You will Wake up and get breakfast, start proceed your hiking for the second day where you will trek several uphill where there are several viewpoints from which you can see the plains and forests below and Kibo peak above and also mount Meru which is the second highest mountain in Tanzania, also as you gain high altitude you will notice changes in vegetations and the trees diminish in size, giving way to Kilimanjaro’s famous high altitude plants, Scenecio kilimanjari and Lobelia deckenii.

Day 3 – Shira Cave Camp – Lava Tower – Barranco Camp

  • Distance: 10km/6miles.
  • Hiking Time: 6-8hours.
  • Eleven: 12,500ft to 15,190ft to 13,044.
  • Vegetation: Alpine Desert.

Walking now on high moorland, the landscape changes the entire character of the trek. We traverse the southwest side of Kilimanjaro, passing underneath the Lava Tower and the final section of the Western Breach and finally reach camp The day has been spent at altitude (up to 4600m), but we have followed the mountaineering code of ‘walk high, sleep low’ to aid your body’s acclimatization to altitude.

Day 4 – Barranco Camp – Barafu Camp

  • Distance: 9km/5miles.
  • Hiking Time: 8-10hours.
  • Eleven: 13,044 ft to 15,331 ft.
  • Vegetation: Alpine Desert.

After a good night’s rest and breakfast, we set off on our walk to Barafu camp at 4640m. The climb will take us across desolate scree slopes with no vegetation around us at all. It’s a tough steep walk made more difficult by the altitude. On arriving at camp we eat and spend the afternoon resting as we prepare for a long night and day ahead. It is important to keep hydrated and warm. We have an early dinner and then try to get some sleep as we will be getting up at between 11pm and 12am to start the climb to the summit.

Day 5 – Barafu Camp – Uhuru – Millennium camp

  • Distance: 5km/3miles and 7km/4mile.
  • Hiking Time: 6-8 hours and 2-4 hours.
  • Eleven: 15,331 ft to 19,341ft and 12,434 ft.
  • Vegetation: Arctic to Heath.

We start off at around midnight and walk steeply upwards to the summit glaciers. We will be climbing scree for 4 to 5 hours but gain incredible height over a short distance. The views are spectacular. We should be on the crater rim at Stella Point (5739m) as the first rays of the sun hit us. Spectacular ice cliffs within the crater surround us and the views to jagged Mawenzi peak and beyond are breathtaking. Another hour’s walking takes us to the summit, Uhuru Peak (5895m). We begin our descent by returning to Stella Point and then descending on scree slope and track back to Barafu Camp for breakfast, before finally heading down to millennium Camp for a long well-earned rest.

Day 6 – Millennium Camp – Mweka Gate

  • Distance: 12km/7miles.
  • Hiking Time: 5-7 hours.
  • Eleven: 12,434 ft – 5,380 ft.
  • Vegetation: Rain forest. 

A gentle trek takes us down through the rainforest to Mweka Gate, where we complete park formalities and receive certificates, which you can hang up with pride! We are then met by our vehicles and return to the hotel in Moshi, where you can treat yourself to a welcome shower then celebrate with cold drinks. Overnight at your arranged Hotel.

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