Our Terms and Conditions



All payments upon agreement of the itinerary and the accompanying invoice should be paid by Bank Wire/Transfer/(T/T) to Watu Safaris (T) Ltd bank details as detailed bellow:

Country/territory:           Tanzania
Bank name:                    CRDB Bank PLC
Bank full address:           P.O. Box 352, Morogoro Tanzania
Swift code:                       CORUTZTZ
Account Name:                Watu Safaris (T) Ltd
Account number (U$D): 0252319049900
Account Number (TSH): 0152319049900
Branch Code & Name:    4207, Morogoro

Currently Watu Safaris does not accept credit cards hence all payments have to be settled by bank wire/transfer or paid in cash (depends on the agreement with the client) before starting your safari.


Cancellations are only effective upon Watu Safaris receipt of a written notification from the client. In case of no notification and no show for the agreed safari up to the date of the trip no replacements or refund will be made.
If the booked safari is already paid in full or in part and Cancellation falls:

• Between 30 and 15 days prior to arrival, we will retain 25% of the payment and refund 75%.

• Between 14 days and 48 hours prior to arrival, we will retain 50% of the payment and refund 50%

• Between 48 hours to within 24 hours prior to arrival, we will retain 75% of the payment and refund 25%

It is the sole responsibility of the client to inform Watu Safaris well in advance of any events which in one way or the other may affect the agreed bookings.



In case of any third part cancellations, changes or delays, Watu Safaris will do everything in its power to make necessary changes with minimum impact on the agreed itinerary or price of the safari. However any extra charges that may arise due to such changes will be charged to the client. This applies to any missed connections, cancellations, overbooking, delays, change to park or entry tariffs, accommodation costs or requests for changes to the itinerary after the trip departure.

Watu Safaris recommends/advises that clients protect themselves in case of third part changes by purchasing suitable travel insurance. All costs related to travel insurance will be covered by the client.


Services provided by air and marine carriers are subject to regulations according to local laws and international conventions. Watu Safaris has no control over these rules and regulations and does not accept responsibility for cancellations, overbooking or damage or loss of baggage or property, or delays resulting from operational decision taken by air or marine carriers. All flights or marine carrier transports are confirmed by the carrier independently and they are solely responsible for all benefits as agreed upon by the carriers.


3.1. Watu Safaris is full aware that going on safari includes potential risks. Whilst Watu Safaris, its employees and agents undertake stringent measures to maintain and ensure that each safari is as safe as possible the clients are full responsible for their safety while on safari hence they are required to observe and adhere to any safety measures, rules, notices and instructions. Watu Safaris will do everything in its power to provide the client with necessary first aid, knowledgeable guides and access to medical treatments in the event of illness or injury and that any costs related to these services will be covered by the client.

3.2. Watu Safaris understands that injury, sickness and death may occur during a safari and that Watu Safaris, its employees and agents bear no responsibilities to such any of the events. Watu Safaris will do its best to inform the client of possible risks, but also it should be noted that any description of risks is incomplete and cannot cover for every possible risk or even that may arise during the clients safari in Tanzania.

3.3. It is the sole responsibility of the client to ensure that they carry the correct comprehensive accidents, travel and health/medical insurance to cover themselves, as well as any dependents and traveling companions for the duration of their safari to Tanzania. This insurance should include coverage in respect of, but not limited to the following events: cancellation of safari, emergency evacuation expenses, medical expenses, repatriation expenses, damage, theft or loss of personal baggage, money and goods. Watu Safaris will not take responsibility for any costs for losses incurred or suffered by the guest, or guest’s dependents or traveling companions, with regards to, but not limited to any of the above mentioned events.


“Force majeure” also known as superior powers refers to all circumstances outside the company’s control, including but not limited to war or risks of war, sabotage, civil unrest, acts of God, terrorism, accidents, explosions, floods, fire, disease outbreak, quarantine, government intervention order, weather and other unpredictable acts.

In the case of force majeure, Watu Safaris (here in known as the company) will do everything possible in its power to inform the client, with as little delay as possible of any nature and length of the situation. Watu Safaris cannot be responsible and will not refund any payments for any delays or cancellations due to these events in the case of force majeure.

If the company is affected by a situation of force majeure, it has the sole and complete right to judge if it will cancel or change/amend any of the services agreed with the client. Payment of compensation by the company for not delivering any of its obligations will be left to the sole discretion of the company, although the company will use common sense to ensure as much refund as possible. However, the company will be entitled to deduct from any refund reasonable costs incurred by the company following the force majeure.

In the case of civil unrest and after having evaluated the seriousness of the situation at hand, the company will judge if the safari may take place or not. The client has the right, in this case, to cancel the trip. However, if after evaluating the situation, the company sees that the trip/safari may take place and the client refuses to continue, the company will not be responsible for the refund and hence terms and conditions of refund policy will apply.


These terms and conditions of services, all contracts and agreement between the Watu Safaris and the client are subject to the laws of the United Republic of Tanzania, regardless of where it was agreed and signed. Any legal action will be taken before the court of law of the United Republic of Tanzania.


By coming to Tanzania for a safari with Watu Safaris the client certify that he/she is full capable of participating in activities being undertaken and that the client assume and accept full responsibility for himself/herself and all minor children in the client care, custody and control, for any bodily injury, death, or loss of personal property and expenses as a result of any emerging risks and danger not specifically identified as a result of the clients negligence in participating in these activities.