We give back to our community

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We are doing more than "purpose oriented" safaris, and for giving back to our community Watu Safaris is Supporting education development in Buigiri village, Dodoma Tanzania by establishing and running a village learning centre (Watu Learning Centre) in collaboration with other interested parties. Services to be offered include: Library services (Buigiri Village Library), Computer courses/IT, Financial/fees support to poor students, Secondary school laboratory services – long term plan and any other possible educational services.

Initial works of the learning centre has been started by establishing Buigiri Village Library. For now we are using the library room at Buigiri school for the blind as our starting point. We have collected and installed more than 333 books (of which 230 books are paper back and 72 audio books) from villagers and friends from Arnold School, UK and students have started using them. The goal is to create 100 university graduates in 10 years to originate from the village which in turn will facilitate personal, family and national development and break out the poverty vicious cycle from the family and village level.

Guests posing for a photo after painting work and installing the Buigiri Village Library at the Buigiri school for the blind, Buigiri Village DodomaGuests posing for a photo after painting work at the Buigiri Village Library

            . . . How it will work?

Each year more than 100 students joins secondary schools from the village, our target is to make sure that all of these students joins, continues and finishes their study with the support of Watu learning centre services. Say 50 of them pass their exams to join A-levels then at the end when they finish their A-levels 10 of them joins university and if we maintain this number each year in 10 years we will have 100 university graduates from the village ready to use their knowledge for the development of their families, village and the national.

            . . . Is it Possible?

Yes it is, To be able to get it started and since this is our idea and initiative, Watu Safaris will be providing administration and other necessary support. When we start making profit, part of our net profits will go directly to the daily operations of Watu Learning Centre. Also Watu Safaris and other interested parties are responsible for organizing other means of support to make sure that the centre comes into operations and hence fulfill its goals. All the required stakeholders have been involved and they are willing to work and use the centre to further their knowledge. These includes Buigiri primary school, Uguzi Primary school, Buigiri school for the blind, Buigiri secondary school and the villagers. Also other users are all students from near by villages which include Chamwino and Chinangali villages and the non student population.

Visitor to Buigiri sharing swahili phrases with kids during village experience tour with watusafaris
A guest learning Swahili with the help of village kids in Buigiri Village, Dodoma

           . . . Interested?

If you want to know more about Watu Learning Centre and how you can be part of it and more about Buigiri Village do not hesitate to contact us anytime.

Because, Watu Safaris is not just a travel company focused in making profit but we also strive towards supporting our fellow Tanzanians starting from a village level to have an opportunity to go to school, have books to read and be in a position to continue with higher education and contribute towards social and economic development from their family level. We believe that education is the only long term tangible development tool which will help eradicate poverty from individual, family, village to national level. We will accomplish this through tourism and related activities