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Accommodation Options

You are thinking of where you can sleep while on safari in Mikumi and Udzungwa National Parks?. Don't worry there are many available options to choose from. They range from budget options to upper market luxury accommodations within or outside these parks. It is possible to stay in Morogoro town and start your trip from there to Mikumi and Udzungwa National Park or you can stay in Mikumi town which is just outside Mikumi National Park and you can easily drive in and out from this growing place. Bellow is a few accommodation options you can use when visiting the southern Tanzania National Parks.

A guest having coffee at Mikumi Wildlife Camp before starting morning game drive recently in Mikumi National Park

A guest having coffee at Mikumi Wildlife Camp before game drives in Mikumi National Park

Mikumi National Park: Several accommodation options are available within or outside the park. Within the park there are budget options at the Park Cottages/Bandas (see the photo album bellow). Other options includes Foxes tented Camps - Vumahill and Stanley's Kopje, and Mikumi Wildlife Camp. Outside the park in Mikumi National Park there are several options too ranging from budget to mid range. Few of options available includes TanSwiss Lodge and Campsite, Genesis Motel, Angalia Tented Camp and others.

Udzungwa Mountains National park: In Udzungwa too there are several accommodation options which range from campsites within the park, Twiga hotel (owned and operated by the park), Udzungwa Mountain View lodge, several cheap guest houses in the Mang'ula Village. Also you can stay at Udzungwa Forest Camp or Udzungwa Falls Lodge.

Photos of budget accommodation option in Mikumi National Par, the Park Cottages/Bandas

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