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Is your holiday time nearby? or are you thinking of a future safari trip to Africa? Then think and choose Tanzania, "The soul of Africa" and its vast holiday options to choose from, Whether you are looking for your first ever safari options or want to come back for another life experience, Tanzania has a lot more to offer for you all. Once in Tanzania you can have a short time or long period travel experience for an individual, group or family, Watu Safaris will make your African safari dream come true. With hundreds of travel options available, our country has a lot more to offer for your next holiday and we are here to organize it for you.

Watu Safaris (T) Ltd

Watu Safaris is a licensed tourist handling agent based in Morogoro. With our vast local knowledge about life, traditions and culture, we organize tailor made tours,  in a personal, friendly yet professional approach to suit your vacation interests, budget and time to create life long vacation memories for you.

Eland herd in Mikumi

Services Offered

With the available travel choices, you will have endless things to do in Tanzania. Our services includes but not limited to different tours such as wildlife safaris in National Parks (especially to the Southern tourist circuit which includes unexplored places such as Mikumi, Ruaha, Katavi and Udzungwa National Parks, and the Selous game reserve), Wildlife Management Areas and to other Southern Parks. We also offer walking safaris, night wildlife game drives, Conservation Placements, Cultural Tourism trips, Zanzibar Island vacations, Trekking trips in Udzungwa, Village experience and home stay programs, Meeting packages, Travel ground handling services, Hotel Booking, airport pick up and transfers, School trips and other tour options around the country tailored to your needs.

Choose Safari Options that suits your needs!

All our tours options are entirely tailor made to suit your interests, budget and time, the included sample itineraries are just to show you what we can offer. We are able to meet all your travel interests from daytrips to longer wildlife safaris, just let us know what you need and together we will create a memorable itinerary for you.

Day Trips: For those with limited time and would like to have day trips to Mikumi National Park see our specific page for day trips and its associated itinerary.

2 to 3 days trips: If you have more time and you would like to have a longer itinerary we have options for 2 days wildlife experience tours to Mikumi National Park with an option of having walking safaris and night game drives and/or Udzungwa Mountains National Park. Also 3 days or longer itineraries are available to visit Mikumi, Ruaha, Udzungwa and Selous game reserve. We have organized different sample itineraries for different destinations and of varying period for you to choose from. If you don't find anything you are looking for just drop us an email and we will be happy to discuss and create a tailored tour for you.

When to Visit? - The best time to do safaris in Tanzania would be from June through December of each year. Many areas around the country will start receiving rain from January through end of May, whereby March and April are the peak seasons for rainfall. If you do safari during the rain season you should expect some rains during the safari and some roads may not be accessible (depending on the park you choose to visit) leading to some amendments to your schedule to accommodate the trip. With that said, you can still do safari in Tanzania for all year round.

Buffalo herd having a drink in Mikumi

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